repeat [ri pēt′; ] for n., also [ rē′pēt΄]
[ME repeten < OFr repeter < L repetere < re-, again + petere, to demand, rush at, fall: see FEATHER]
1. to say or utter again; reiterate [to repeat a remark]
2. to say over or through; recite (a poem, etc.)
3. to say (something) as said by someone else
4. to tell to someone else [to repeat a secret]
a) to do or make again; do over again [to repeat a test]
b) to make happen again or undergo again [to repeat an adventure]
6. to say again what has been said before by (oneself)
7. to present (itself or themselves) again
1. to say or do again what has been said or done before
2. to recur [experiences repeat]
3. to continue to be tasted, as because of belching: often with on [foods that repeat on one ]
4. to vote (illegally) more than once in the same election
1. the act of doing or saying again; repetition
a) anything said, done, or occurring again
b) a rebroadcast of a radio or television program
3. Music
a) a passage repeated in playing
b) either of two signs used to mark the end ∥) and, when appropriate, the beginning (∥ of such a passage
SYN.- REPEAT is the common, general word meaning to say, do, make, present, etc. over again [will you repeat that question, please? ]; ITERATE and REITERATE both suggest a repeating, either once or several times, but REITERATE strongly implies insistent repetition over and over again [he keeps reiterating his innocence ]; RECAPITULATE suggests a repeating briefly of the main points in a discourse in summarizing [she will recapitulate her account of the ball game at 800 o'clock ]

English World dictionary. . 2014.

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